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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Body, Baby!

So, I've completed the main body of the coat. Yay! Thank you, Brutus, for modeling.

Of course, even after all of my careful preparation and measuring:

...I discovered the armholes are WAY too deep. That's probably at least partially due to the weight of the coat being so heavy. Anyway, I am frogging down the shoulder seams at least one cable length, and I'll see where that gets me...

...and after some examination...SIGH. Well, after all that work to make the coat smaller, I realize that I'm going to like the drape better if I add more cable columns to the front. Otherwise, it's going to hug my hips and butt in an unattractive way.

I wish now that I had kept the 4 purl sts between each cable instead of decreasing them to 2. But I was just following the pattern.

Hey, you know what? It's all good.

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